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IELTS Speaking 기출 오답노트

· 약 7분


  • Some young people prefer to get together with those who are not cowards.
  • They want to prove their strength by engaging in adventurous activities.
  • I think it varies, depending on people.
  • but others are physically old, so they can't go out to do adventurous activities.
  • By doing adventurous activities, people can feel a sense of achievement.
  • These challenging activities make them fully satisfied.
  • In water activities, they should learn how to swim.
  • In the case of outdoor activities like climbing, they should have strength, particularly in their arms.
  • They can catch up with their friends by doing exciting things.
  • Friendship makes people more active.
  • They usually have more opportunities to meet others. This helps them avoid loneliness.


  • one of the best players in his league.
  • a member of the national team.
  • According to the news, his salary is over 100 million dollars.


  • They want to wake up by drinking coffee.
  • In the morning, I always make hand-dripped coffee and take it when I go to the academy or work.
  • There are coffee shops on every corner.
  • If my friends are in trouble, I always try to call them and listen to their concerns.


  • My parents always teach me to help others with a true heart.
  • Actually, I don't need to explain, as she is my mother.
  • When she cooked for me and my sister, and we finished eating the food and told her it was delicious, she was always happy.
  • She has certificates for cooking, so I suppose she really enjoys cooking itself.


  • People who have their own house are usually judged as successful.
  • Individuals like Son Heung-min, who are popular and accomplished in their field, are generally considered successful.
  • Some people consider others as successful based on their job.
  • Success can be measured by different things, such as popularity, wealth, or occupation.
  • Others may consider factors like occupation or popularity to be true measures of success.
  • This is because it allows me to catch up with them and get updates.
  • I share my exercise routine and daily activities, and I also send them pictures.
  • Sometimes I prefer chatting with just one friend, especially if I need to share a secret.
  • I'm a people person, so I prefer to meet my friends in person.
  • but, I haven't argued with my friends recently.
  • In fact, without luck or the right opportunities, hardworking people might fail to succeed.
  • I think education plays an important role in achieving success.
  • If someone is trying to get money from investors, having a good education can really help.
  • Some people read movie reviews because they want to know how good or funny the movie is.
  • By checking reviews, they can better decide which movie to watch.
  • Reviewers can only write about a movie after they have watched it, so people consider these reviews to be real and truthful.
  • These kinds of movies are usually boring and have long screen times, so people prefer to enjoy other types of movies.
  • People often check who the main character is. If the actor is famous, they are more likely to go to watch the movie.
  • There are so many photos that come to my mind, but I have to say a photo taken in Thailand.
  • I can recall that time, such as swimming on the beach and eating various local foods.
  • When I see the photo, I remember how much I love traveling. It makes me excited to think about saving money for future trips.


  • I can ride around the park to enjoy nature.
  • I really enjoyed riding my bike because I could play with my friends.
  • I learned to ride a bike in just three days.
  • It allows people to easily borrow bikes.
  • It's the fastest way to learn, just like my father taught me.
  • I have several feelings about her. First of all, I'm impressed.
  • This is because her Korean skills are improving rapidly, and her pronunciation is very accurate.
  • I'm encouraged by her progress. Her improving Korean skills inspire me to learn English, so I have started to memorize English words every single day.
  • When people make an effort every day it helps them become smart and always leads to success.
  • We can help children realize their talents by involving them in extracurricular activities based on their hobbies.
  • The government provides many forms of financial support for students, like tuition.
  • Many students use this support to reduce their university fees.


  • There is traffic noise and other noises, like when we go out, there is always loud music playing.
  • I hear noise every day. It's mostly K-pop songs. They play everywhere I go, even if I don't want to listen.


  • He won the Asian Games and also received the Player of the Year award.
  • He has lots of expereiences, so people can relay on him for practical advice.
  • He has such a good sense of humor. so people smile whenever they watch his interview on TV.


  • There are various genres, such as sci-fi and action, by playing these kinds of games, people can relieve their stress.
  • They want to achieve success or win prizes. Others play games just for fun and to relieve stress.
  • competition encourages children to make an effort in their education and learning skills, and it also teaches them the value of perseverance and hard work.
  • They have negative effects on children because they can easily become addicted to playing them.
  • It has many playable characters, so children can play using a different character every single game.
  • Outdoor games encourage people to stay healthy and to socialize with others.
  • In terms of mental benefits, children can relieve stress through team games, and they can also learn about cooperation.
  • In the case of offline games, specifically outdoor games, baseball is the most popular in Korea.
  • Winning a game gives them a sense of achievement and helps to relieve stress.
  • Video games are often violent and exciting, which means these factors can make people addicted to video games.
  • After exercising, some people feel proud of themselves because they can experience a sense of accomplishment.
  • They might get a big reward when they finish a difficult task.
  • I believe it is a good place to live.
  • This might sound funny, but I wanted to remove a stone in front of the school because I sometimes tripped over it
  • In fact, I want to live in the United Arab Emirates because I think it is the safest place in the world.
  • I think a person who doesn't have their dream is like a dead person.
  • Having a dream makes people learn about many things and study regularly.


  • It is also situated on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Most Koreans live in Seoul, which is located in the northwest side of Korea. It is also the capital city of Korea
  • I think the main industry in Korea is the semiconductor industry. This is because Samsung is the most famous company in Korea, specializing in this field.
  • One of the good things about living in my country is the convenience of public transportation.
  • It's easy to use because I can check the schedule and predict when the bus will arrive.
  • One of the drawbacks of living in my country is the transportation restrictions due to North Korea.
  • This limitation means we have to use planes instead of trains when traveling to other countries.
  • I feel proud of my country because of its safety. To be specific, there are a lot of CCTVs at any place in Korea. It helps to prevent crimes.
  • that is the reason why I'm studying for the IELTS