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ChatGPT use cases

· 2 min read


Here's a list of use cases where you can get past the hype and actually use it for something useful.

Extracting regular expressions

Creating regular expressions usually involves a lot of testing. I usually put the desired text in regexr, regex101, and match the negative/positive lookahead from memory, and use negative/positive lookbehind, but often find that negative lookbehind is not supported by different programming versions/languages.

Now I ask ChatGPT. Suppose you want to extract the package name from the package update history below.

Hello GPT.

Can you give me a regex pattern for getting to-be result?

Orignal content

Refined string #1
Refined string #2
...and so on.

It will get it for you.

Writing documentation with code

If you want your code to be documented, put it in and ask it to create a

Can you write a with this code?

It will get it for you.

Create an Object Validation Schema with the interface

Let's create a Joi Schema with a TypeScript interface.

Create a Query DSL with Raw SQL

Pass in a raw query and ask it to create a query DSL and query helper syntax.

Create a DDL with Data

Pass in a query and ask it to generate a table schema query like the interface example above.


awesome is now live.