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IELTS Speaking 기출 Part2

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Describe an activity you did with another person

- What the activity was: Riding a bike
- Where and where you did it: from 보라매 to 여의도, bike path
- Who you did it with: wife
- and why you chose that person
- like her: a lot in common
- exercise regularly
- have the same taste in food
- felt compfotable: know each other in and out
Describe an activity that made you feel tired

- What the activity was: cleaning my home
- When and where it was: about this time, last month, home
- Why you took part in it:
- took in charge of cleaning bathroom
- better than my wife
- And explain why it made you feel tired
- clean the floor: brush every tiles
- get wet: although carefully, ended up getting wet


Describe a successful person you know

- Who they are: 손흥민, soccer player for Tottenham, a team that belongs to the English Premier League.
- What they do: stricker, one of the best players in his team.
- How you learnt about them: through media: TV and Internet news, these days advertisements.
- And explain why you think they are successful
- famous: a World cup player, a member of the national team.
- rich: according to the news, his salary is over 100 million dollars.


Describe an occasion when you waited for a long time for a nice thing

- When it happened: last year
- What the nice thing was: rode a wooden rollercoster
- Why you waited for a long time:
- And explain how you felt about the experience
- exhousted: waited for 2 hours in line.
- excited: the ride was thrilling.


Describe someone you know who loves cooking.

- Who this person is: my mom
- How you know her: actually, I don't need to explain about her, she is my mom.
- What kinds of food she cooks: she can cook Korean, Chinese, and Western dishes. all the certificates for those.
- And explain why you think she loves cooking.
- loves cook for the family: finished eating the food, told her it was delicious, always happy.
- likes to cook because she is really good at it: has certificates for cooking, really enjoys cooking itself.


Describe a photo that makes you happy.

- What the photo is like: a photo taken in Thailand
- When and where you took this photo: about this time last year, with my wife to celebrate our anniversary
- How often you watch it: every single day, my smartphone’s background image
- And explain why this photo makes you happy.
- I can recall that time
- swimming on the beach and eating various local foods.
- I remember how much I love traveling.
- It makes me excited to think about saving money for future trips.


Describe a foreigner who can speak your language well.

- who she is: vicky
- how you know her: met her on the chat
- why she can speak your language well: learn Korean every single day.
- and explain how you feel about this person.
- impressed
- her skills are improving rapidly.
- pronunciation is very accurate.
- encouraged
- motivates me to learn English.
- have started to memorize English words.


Describe a famous athlete you know.

- who he is: 손흥민
- how you knew him: saw him on television, a member of national team
- what he has achieved: won the asian games
- and explain why he is famous.:
- a member of English Premier League called Tottenham
- has lots of experiences.
- has a good sense of humor.


Describe a time when you solve a problem by using a computer.

- what the problem was: one of my servers was worn out
- how you solved the problem: I searched for error messages online
- how long it took to solve this problem: it took 2 hours
- and explain how you felt about this experience.
- flustered
- exhousted
- sense of achievement


Describe a park or garden in your city.

- when you go there
- what it is like
- what you do there
- and explain how you feel about it.


Describe a painting

- when you first saw this painting
- what the painting is about
- who the painter is
- and explain how you feel about this painting


Describe a party that you enjoyed.

- when you went to the party
- where the party was
- what kind of party it was
- and explain why you enjoyed this party


Describe a science subject (Biology, Robotics) that you are interested in

- which subject it is
- where you learnt it
- how you learnt it
- and explain why you are interested in it


Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work.

- what the rule is about
- what happens when people break this rule
- why you think it is an important rule
- and explain how you feel about the rule

unknown person

Describe someone you don’t know, but would like to know more about

- who this person is
- what they are like
- what interesting things they have done
- and say why you want to know more about him/her


Describe a period of time that changed your life

- when it was
- who you were with
- what happened
- and explain why it changed your life

tired activity

Describe an activity that made you feel tired

- when it happened
- where it took place
- what the activity was
- and explain why it made you feel tired


Describe a place in your country that you’re interested in

- where it is
- how you knew it
- why you are interested in it

bad service

Describe an occasion when you received bad service

- who provided this service
- what service it was
- when you received this service
- and explain how you felt about it.

sports program

Describe a sports program you like to watch

- what the sport is
- when and where it is held
- who you watch it with
- and say why you enjoy watching it

business person

Describe a successful business person you know.

- who this person is
- how you knew them
- what business he/she does
- And explain why he/she is successful

interesting person

Describe a person who always has interesting ideas or opinions

- who this person is
- what this person does
- how you knew him/her
- And explain why you think his/her ideas/opinions are interesting

beautiful city

Describe a beautiful city

- where the city is
- how you knew the city
- what buildings the city has
- and explain what it is famous for


Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone

- who you gave the advice to
- what the advice was
- why you gave the advice
- and explain how he/she followed your advice

proud task

Describe a difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of

- what the task was
- how you completed it
- why the task was difficult
- why you were proud of the completion of the task


Describe a good advertisement that you think is useful

- Where you can see it
- What it shows
- Why you think it is useful
- And explain how you feel about it

time when saved money

Describe a time when you saved money to buy an expensive gift for others.

- what the gift is
- who you would give the gift to
- how long it will take to save the money
- and explain how you felt about it.

water sport

Describe a water sport you want to learn in the future.

- what it is
- what you need to do this sport
- why you want to learn this sport
- and explain whether it is difficult or easy to learn this sport.

time with a child

Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child.

- who this child is
- where you spent time with this child
- what you did together
- and how you felt about it.

traditional festival

Describe a traditional festival in your country

- what the festival is
- when and where it is held
- what happens at the festival
- and say if you enjoy the festival

new comer

Describe a person who moved into new accommodation/who moved to your community.

- Who this person is
- When this person moved to a new place/your community
- What this person did
- And explain how you feel about this person

incorrect information

Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information.

- why you need this information
- how you got it
- how you found it was incorrect
- and how you felt about this experience.


Describe a speech you gave

- Who you gave the speech to
- What the speech was about
- Why you gave the speech
- And explain how you felt about the speech


Describe a piece of clothing you often wear.

- what it is
- how often you wear it
- what it is like
- and explain why you enjoy wearing it.


Describe an adventure you would like to go on

- where you would go
- who you would like to go with
- when you want to do this
- and explain why you want to go on this adventure.

happy memory

Describe a happy memory in your childhood.

- What it was about
- Who you were with
- What you did
- And explain how you felt about it.

useful invention

Describe an invention that is useful in your daily life.

- what the invention was
- what it can do
- how popular it is
- and explain whether it is difficult or easy to use.

lost and needed help

Describe an occasion when you got lost and needed help

- when and where it was
- what happened
- how you felt
- and say how you found your way

to visit place

Describe a place you would like to visit in the future

- where it is
- what it’s like
- how you would travel there
- and say why you want to visit that place


Describe a job you are interested in.

- what it is
- when you heard about this job for the first time
- what qualities it requires
- and explain why you are interested in this job.

crowded place

Describe a crowded place you went to

- where the place was
- when you went there
- how many people were there
- and say how you felt about the experience

expensive gift

Describe an expensive gift you would like to buy

- what the gift is
- who you would buy it for
- where you would buy it
- and say why you would like to buy it

important decision

Describe an important decision you made

- what the decision was
- where you were
- how you made the decision
- and say why it was difficult to make

ideal house

Describe an ideal house or apartment

- what kind of accommodation it is
- where it is
- what it would look like
- and say why it would be ideal

helpful person

Describe a helpful person

- who the person is
- how you know them
- what they do to help people
- and say when they help you


Describe a book you want to read for a second time.

- what the book is about
- how you knew this book
- and explain why you read it more than once.
Describe a popular person.

- who he/she is
- why he/she is popular
- and explain how you feel about him/her.

long car journey

Describe a long car journey you went on.

- where you went
- what you did there
- who you went there with
- and explain why you went on that journey by car.

recent opened shop

Describe a new shop that recently opened in your city/town.

- where the shop is
- what it sells
- what kinds of people usually go to this shop
- and explain how successful you think it will be in the future.


Describe a game you enjoyed playing when you were younger

- what it was: starcraft
- where and when you played it: internet cafe with my friends
- how you played it: since it was computer game, I played that using computer.
- and say why you enjoyed playing it:
- could compete with my friends
- won the game: could feel a sence of achievement.
- had three playable characters
- could play different character whenever I wanted.
- liked play Protoss, because it was easy to play.

smart person

Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way

- who the person is: Vicky, she is my wife.
- what the problem was: frequently forgot passwords
- how the person solved the problem: password managemnet service
- and explain why you think the person did it smartly
- practical solution
- eliminates the need to remember multiple complex passwords, reducing stress.
- time-saving
- allows for quick access to accounts without resetting forgotten passwords.

hate film

Describe a film you didn’t like/were disappointed about.

- What the film was
- Why you didn’t like it
- Why you decided to watch it
- And explain how you felt about it.